The history of the line

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A tour along the line courtesy of Mike Barnsley

A tour along the line courtesy of Richard James

The models of Andrew Cowie

Tickets courtesy of Clive Haines

A MSWJR adventure in August 1967 courtesy of Peter Hoskins

A MSWJR walk in September 1967 courtesy of Rowan Brockhurst

Diagrams of the M&SWJR stations produced for the GWR grouping in 1923

Luggage labels courtesy of Mike Morant

Luggage labels courtesy of Mike Barnsley

The RCTS and SLS railtours - 10th September 1961

The RCTS 1961 railtour courtesy of Gerald Peacock

The proposal to close the line

Books written on, or containing information about, the Midland and South Western Junction Railway (M&SWJR)

Video's containing film of the M&SWJR

More books containing information about the M&SWJR, including the locos that ran on the line

Pictures taken along the M&SWJR by Alan Jarvis, 1958 to 1972

A trip from Cheltenham to Cirencester in 1956 by H C Casserley

Peter Rutter's period pictures and OO Gauge Chiseldon layout

Pictures taken along the line on 12th June 1956 courtesy of Tom Smith

Pictures taken on 30th July 1967 courtesy of Christopher Prout

A tour along the M&SWJR courtesy of Richard Martin

Tickets from along the line

Items courtesy of Frank Gleed

Items courtesy of John Matthews

Gradient profile of the line

Along the M&SWJR from Cirencester to Cheltenham by air on 7th August 2004

Chiseldon to Cirencester Watermoor and back by air on 26th November 2006

A tour along the M&SWJR by air from Chiseldon to Andover on 10th June 2006

A tour along the Spratt and Winkle by air from Kimbridge Junction to Andover on 9th September 2006

The Manchester & Southampton Railway courtesy of Chris Heaven

Images of the M&SWJR courtesy of Neil Lambourne

Items and pictures of the M&SWJR courtesy of Peter Timms

Pictures of the M&SWJR courtesy of Paul Strong

Pictures along the tracks courtesy of Oliver Pike

Cheltenham High Street to Malvern Road 2003

Cheltenham St James courtesy of John Haslam

Lansdown to Charlton Kings in Cheltenham 2002

Remnants of the line around Cheltenham in 2007 courtesy of Garry Owen

Pictures of Cheltenham St James to Cricklade from 1961/62

Old maps of Cheltenham St James to Leckhampton

Charlton Kings to Leckhampton Hill and Devil's Chimney 2003

Andoversford 2002/3

Andoversford, Cirencester, Cricklade and Malmesbury taken by Colin Round in 1967

In and around Withington Station 2002/3

The area around Chedworth 2002/3

Images courtesy of Mr M Wilkins

Chedworth Station on 6th January 1960 courtesy of Malcolm Mitchell

The Foss Cross area 2002

Andoversford to Cirencester 1991 courtesy of Richard Martin

The line south into Cirencester 2002/3

Cirencester Watermoor from the Fire Station tower 2004

South Cerney 2002

South Cerney Train Register from 1960 courtesy Derek King

Cricklade towards South Cerney 2004

Cricklade Station as it used to be

Pictures from the top of St Sampsons church, Cricklade - 2009

Items brought to the Cricklade presentation in May 2008

Blunsdon the past and future

The Swindon & Cricklade Railway - June to September 2003

City of Truro at Blunsdon, 5th March 2005

Beers of the M&SWJR at the S&C Railway, 4th May 2008

Swindon & Cricklade Railway 30th Anniversary celebrations, May 2008

GWR 175 Anniversary Celebrations at the S&C Railway, June 2010

Pictures of Moredon to Cricklade 2002

Moredon to Swindon Town in the 1970's courtesy of Keith Saunders

Moredon Power Station

Moredon Power Station demolition

Moredon Power Station courtesy of Martin Scull

Pictures of Rushey Platt to Moredon 2002

Pictures of Swindon Town and Rushey Platt courtesy of Norman Whitworth

Pictures of Broome Manor via Old Town Station to Rushey Platt 2002

Swindon's Old Town Station as it used to be

Chris Walker's Swindon Town Station in 'O' Gauge

Bowly Brewery 1893 timetable courtesy of Keith Saunders

Pictures of the M&SWJR Head Office in Swindon 2003

Marlborough Road, Swindon, 1972 courtesy of Andy McGuire

Marlborough Road from the new housing development, April 2010

The Broome Manor area of Swindon

Pictures of Broome Manor to Chiseldon 2002

Aerial pictures of the line from Old Town to Chiseldon taken on 3rd June 2002

Aerial pictures of the line from the M4 to Moredon taken in May 2003

A flight around Swindon - 20th May 2007

Aerial views of the route from just north of Chiseldon to Blunsdon station

Old maps of the route from Chiseldon through Swindon to Cricklade

Chiseldon Station as it used to be

Chiseldon Diagram and Grafton South nameplate courtesy of John Coles

Images of Chiseldon and the Camp courtesy of Paul Williams

Chiseldon Museum with Phil Harding from Time Team on 2nd August 2004

The Chiseldon and Marlborough Railway Path 2002 and old pictures of the area

Chiseldon to Marlborough 2002

Chiseldon to Marlborough including Chiseldon Camp and the Ogbournes

Link to Ogbourne St George village website for pictures of the station and bridge

Marlborough and Savernake stations courtesy of Alan Perry

Marlborough Tunnel 2003

Savernake WWII Siding and Forest Ammunition Dump

Enquiry into the 1946 Savernake explosion

Pictures and images courtesy of David Moore

Pictures taken around Savernake c.1960 courtesy of Marie Dixon

Savernake High and Low Level Station's 2003

Wolfhall Junction 2003

Grafton and Dodsdown 2003

Plans for the line from Marlborough to Grafton

Collingbourne Halt and Collingbourne Station

Pictures at Collingbourne station courtesy of Ray Rawle

Tony Robinson and Phil Harding's link with the Collingbourne's

Ludgershall and Weyhill 2003

Ludgershall railtours, 1986 and 1987

The Andover to 'Luggy' turn by Paul Kray

Tidworth and the barracks

Molly on Alderney 2008

Middleton and Lavinder Line railways in search of Sentinels

The site of Tidworth station in 2009

Andover maps and pictures

Pictures taken in and around Andover by and courtesy of John Marchment

Sundry timetables from 1910 to 1960

SM&A and M&SWJR documents from 1881, 1915 and 1922 courtesy of Mr K Poffley

Shareholders registers and a selection of images courtesy of Steam Museum

Extracts from the M&SWJR Absorption Report 1922-24

Comprehensive resource lists on the M&SWJR

Locos that worked the line in the British Rail period

Southampton to Ludgershall - 8th March 2003

Sam Fay interviewed 1898

The resting place of Sam Fay

Pictures courtesy of John Everett

Pictures courtesy of Doreen Stevens

Along the M&SWJR courtesy of Colin Herbert

A selection of newspaper articles and timetables courtesy of Matthew Payne

Posters of the M&SWJR

Items courtesy of Stephen Mourton

Sundry images

Diagrams of the M&SWJR line and bridges

The M&SWJR at Winchcombe

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Cookham Manor at Didcot

Locomotive 'Tidworth', now at the Gwili Railway

Great Western Railwayana Auction - November 2009

Great Central Railwayana Auction - January 2010

Great Central Railwayana Auction - January 2011

Swindon to Didcot, 2nd April 2006

Swindon to Didcot, courtesy of Kevin Smith

York, its Railway Museum and Library Archive 2003

Crewe Works Open Weekend - May 2003

Sundry images and items of the M&SWJR

Sundry pictures courtesy of Steam Museum

Model locomotives of the M&SWJR

c19th original photos by Ernest White

Music used at the opening of the Swindon Marlborough and Andover Railway at Chiseldon in 1881

The Swindon Society Exhibition - 5th April 2003

Paul Strong's M&SWJR presentation - 3rd April 2003

Swindon's Other Railway presentation and exhibition - 4th July 2002

The Chiseldon Local History Group Exhibition - June 2002

Swindon's Other Railway Exhibition at 'Steam'- 8th September 2001

David Hyde's Wiltshire railway presentation 2001

Class 37, 37324 on the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway

Kidderminster Railway Photographic Fair - 4th January 2003

Severn Valley Railway Journey aboard Bradley Manor, April 2006

My great grandfathers

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Link to Tunnel House, Swindon

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Bodmin & Wenford Railway

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