Items courtesy of John Matthews

Key token Rushey Platt to Cricklade with a plate added for longer section to Cirencester Watermoor when Cricklade Box closed and early Ivorine plate probably from Rushey Platt Junction

Signal box nameplate from Rushey Platt Station

A poster board heading plate

The inside cover of a M&SWJR 1915 rule book

Ticket dated on the reverse, August 1962

Original Great Western, Marlborough Branch, notice

The control office by Gorse Hill road bridge in Swindon was used by the Signal and Telegraph dept and this key token, found in a draw, was modified for their use under controlled conditions. The end was filed to fit 3 token sections, A,B and C. Rushey Platt to Cricklade was configuration B.

Carriage pot lamp plated 'Return to Marlborough'. These were the early lamps before gas lamps and were dropped through holes in the carriage roof.

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