Closure and Dismantling of Swindon Works c.1986

I am very grateful to Jason McCormick for the excellent selection of pictures that follow.

Left, K Shop (Coppersmiths). Right, U Shop (Brass Foundry). Distance, J1 Shop (Iron Foundry) and St Marks Church

Left, Q Shop (Angle Iron Smiths). Right K Shop (Coppersmiths). Distance, Loco Manager's Office

AE Shop (Loco Erecting)

AM Shop (Machine)

Left, A Shop and Traverser Road. Right, Diesel Testing Station

Left, Dismantling Asbestos House. Right, A Shop. Distance, Engine Weightable House, now Restaurant.

Dismantling Asbestos House

65ft Engine Turntable. Diesel Testing Station

Left, Oxygen Plant and Boiler Station. Right, V (Boilermakers Shop) and H (Pattern Makers) Shop bordering Rodbourne Road

Pattern Stores and J1 (Iron Foundry). Factory Sidings

Footbridge crossing Rodbourne Road

Factory garden on the site of the old Chair Foundry, closed c.1964

Acrobatic statue removed from the town centre, stored in J1 Shop (Iron Foundry). Statue now in a Swindon park

U Shop (Brass Foundry)

U Shop (Brass Foundry)

U Shop (Brass Foundry)

U Shop (Brass Foundry)

U Shop (Brass Foundry)

Closure of AW Shop (Wheels)

Closure of AE Shop (Locomotive Erecting)

Traverser Road AE Shop

View from Pattern Stores from AM Shop (Machine)

Closure of A Shop

Closure of A Shop

A Shop site. Now a housing estate

A Shop (West face)

Left, Engine Weightable House. Right, A Shop showing Traverser Road

Left, A Shop. Right, Engine Weightable House

Asbestos House, Factory Sidings and London Line with St Marks Church in the distance

Left, A Shop. Right, Asbestos House. Distance, Pattern Stores and J1 Shop (Iron Foundry)

A Shop Engine Pit

A Shop Traverser

A Shop Traverser Road

A Shop Toilet Block

AW Shop Wheels

AW Shop Wheels

V Boiler Shop and L2 (Tank Shop) Traverser Road

V Boiler Shop

V Boiler Shop

V Boiler Shop and subway beneath Rodbourne Road leading up to P1 Steaming and Boiler Mounting Shop

Q Shop (Angle Ironsmiths)

Q Shop (Angle Ironsmiths)

White Metal Shop

U Shop (Brass Foundry) with Sand Hopper and Pig Manure Bin

Left, Iron Foundry Stores. Right, U Shop (Brass Foundry)

Location unknown

Left, White Metal Foundry. Right, Carriage Door Frame Stores

J1 Iron Foundry (East face). Left, Sidings and London-Bristol line

Embossed carvings of Fire Fly Class Broad Gauge engines above entrance to main offices

Paper Stores with Toilet Block below. Subway leading to tunnel entrance

Factory Sidings and Main Offices

Diesel Multiple Units in Factory Sidings

Location unknown

General Stores Stacking Area

Location unknown

North Yard Iron Stores and Weighbridge Office

View of Works from North Yard

Left, Hooter House. Centre, L2 (Tank Shop) Distant. Right, X Shop (Points and Crossings)

Location unknown

U Boiler Shop, L2 (Tank Shop) and East Gate entrance from Rodbourne Road

The Hooter House built c.1874

Left, Hooter House and behind, L2 (Tank Shop) c.1876. Right, X Shop (Points and Crossings)

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