Molly on Alderney - June 2008

'x' marks the two ends of the line at Braye and Mannez Quarry

Braye Road Station

Mannez Quarry

The remains of Molly

Underneath another Sentinel at the Lavinder Line in Sussex

The workings of a Sentinel at the Lavinder Line

The Sentinel (reasonably similar to Molly) at the Lavinder Line

Axle box covers missing, 3 having raised funds for the Alderney Railway

An axle box cover on the Sentinel at the Lavinder Line

Molly 2 at the rear of the shed

Molly's original nameplate suitably amended for Molly 2

Braye Harbour

Further below this picture you will see a period picture of Molly positioned where the 'x' is

Molly was 'here'

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