Items courtesy of Frank Gleed

Loco famous for its trip along the M&SWJR on 10th September 1961

5306 'Engine SS 2-6-0 Mogul'

Explanation for the lettering on the numberplate courtesy of Mike Barnsley taken from the RCTS GWR locos book, part 1.
From about 1908 to 1921, the GWR stamped the loco type and diagram letter along the upper rim of numberplates, in the form "ENGINE CLASS 2.6.0 K" for No.5306, and the boiler type along the lower rim, in the form "BOILER CLASS D". (Note the use of full stops for the wheel arrangement in place of the more usual dashes). However, to keep the details up to date, there often had to be changes. These could be carried out either by obliterating the original letters with an "X", or filing the rim down until the old letter was illegible, and then punching in the new one.

5306 'L Class'

Lamp top from Cricklade, sign from Chiseldon and numbers from Swindon Town (not sure if the numbers are positioned correctly)

Date stone from Cirencester Watermoor gate pillar

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