Marlborough Road, Swindon, 1972 courtesy of Andy McGuire

Andy lived in Scotby Avenue, Swindon, when the line was taken up and the Marlborough Road roundabout installed in 1972. Around the same time Burmah Castrol built a large office just a few yards south-east of the area. Andy captured the changes and has kindly offered the pictures for inclusion on the website.

Early 1972 towards Marlborough Road shed from Scotby Avenue

April 1972

June 1972, shed being demolished

June 1972, the old engine shed gone

June 1972, the old engine shed gone and Burmah Oil's building taking shape

Looking along Marlborough Road in June 1972 with the line having been taken up to the left

Looking towards Old Town, the new Marlborough Road roundabout will go here

Looking east, the roundabout starts to take shape. As does Burmah.

Christmas Eve 1972, looking towards Old Town, the roundabout is in place

Christmas Eve 1972, looking towards Old Town with the roundabout in place, but not yet in use.

Burmah Oil phase 1 build 1972 with Broome Manor Lane at the bottom of the picture and the route of the line behind the houses. Courtesy Swindon Society.

Burmah Oil phase 2 build 1983. Courtesy Swindon Society.

Some other pictures of the area around what is today the Marlborough Road/Pipers Way roundabout follow.

Marlborough Road can be seen on the left hand side. The train is at the location that is now the Marlborough Road/Pipers Way roundabout (see next picture).

The train above is located at the arrow in this picture.

The electricity sub station on the right is still in place today.

The houses on the right are still in place today. They are the first two after the roundabout heading east on Marlborough Road.

Evelyn Street bridge signal box can be seen in the distance.

Instead of this easterly view, today you see the views below.

A view from the top of this block follows...

The line came striaght at us from Swindon Town station.

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