Let's build a locomotive!
The inaugural meeting of the 'Galloping Gertie' project at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway.

At 4pm on Saturday 31st January 2009, the inaugural meeting was held to outline the plans to build a replica of M&SWJR locomotive No.16. This locomotive was known as Galloping Alice when in M&SWJR ownership and Galloping Gertie when in GWR ownership.

What follows are some pictures and video of the event together with part of the presentation to illustrate the objective.

It is likely to take some years to build the loco, but with the energy, enthusiasm and skills of those that will lead the project, the goal is very achievable.

Much more will be uploaded to this website as the project progresses. Should you wish to make an enquiry, please feel free to drop Paul Ricks an e-mail at paul@paulricks.com

The presentation given by Matt and myself can be viewed by clicking here

M&SWJR No.16 'Galloping Alice' c.1905 at Swindon

M&SWJR No.16 'Galloping Alice' c.1915 at Marlborough

Chairman, Dave Peacey, gives the welcome and opening address

Click the picture above to see President, Ken Gibbs, gives his address

Dave, with John Appleton and Ken Gibbs about to unveil the model of No.16

Ken unveils the model made by John Appleton (left)

A selection of photographs of the superb model of the loco built by John Appleton

Ken Gibbs and Matt Sexton hold up the plan of the locomotive

Ken Gibbs and Matt Sexton hold up the plan of the tender

A selection of those present sign a picture of No.16

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